Lucy Montgomery’s Variety Pack

Lucy Montgomery‘s Variety Pack returns to Radio 4 for its second series on Tuesday.



The comedienne, perhaps best known for her work in Bellamy’s People and Tittybangbang, will also be familiar to TVO readers from her appearances in AD/BC: A Rock Opera, The Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd and of course, as the voice of Destiny in Mongrels.

Her radio sketch show also features TVO regular Waen Shepherd, alongside Philip Pope, Sally Grace and Natalie Walter.  The connections to TVO don’t stop there either, with Mongrels star Dan Tetsell acting as its script editor, and former Ealing Live and Beehive star (and Boosh guest) Barunka O’Shaunghnessy helping to write the show too.

You can catch the first show on Tuesday evening at 6:30pm on Radio 4, and the show will be available on iPlayer for seven days after transmission.  For more details, visit it’s official mini-site.

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