The Scribblings Are In!

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A number of peelers can rejoice: they will be featured in Scribblings Of A Madcap Shambleton!

The collection of Noel Fielding‘s artworks, being worked on by Noel and design-genius Dave Brown right now, is nearing completion, and Dave is happy to confirm that 200 faces (including the team behind TVO at Noel & Dave’s insistence!) feature in the book, given a Noeltastic reworking.

Naturally, as entries were in such high numbers, and to maintain the surprise, we can’t reveal who made it into the book.  Pretty much everyone who followed our instructions made it in, and we can’t wait for you to see it!

Once again, our thanks to all of our peelers for taking part, and extra special thanks to Dave Brown and Noel Fielding for giving TVO and its friends out there a chance to be involved.

To ensure you get a copy of the book at the earliest opportunity, pre-order it now from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store!

7 Comments on The Scribblings Are In!

  1. rindehoops // July 19, 2011 at 1:35 pm // Reply

    i am sooo looking forward to this book! Even if im not lucky enough to be a scribble i cant wait to see it! Orders done, calendars ticked, woohooo!:)


  2. If I’m in the book I think I might do a little wee in my pants.


  3. The Onion is just THE best, hands down the coolest cats in the Booshiverse!


  4. Congratulations, TVO people!
    It makes me happy when fandom works out well.
    You’ve been pros and deserve recognition.
    Thanks for all your hard work!!


  5. man, i really wish i had done this! i literally found out about it the week after submissions closed (my own fault for slacking on paying attention). hopefully one day an equally great opportunity will arise! i really, really hope 😦 but congrats for everyone else! i’m looking forward to the book.


  6. This is exciting! So amazing for them to get the fans involved. Can’t wait to see the faces and what scribblings have been done with them! 😀


  7. Just preordered my copy of the book through the Amazon store. I can’t wait til October. 🙂


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