Robo-Release Evaluated

As you may already know, Robots In Disguise’s fourth album Happiness vs Sadness has now been released!

© Robots in Disguise

© Robots in Disguise

Many of you may have already received your download of the album via your pledges, but if you’re still deliberating whether it’s worth having a listen, Velveteers Aggie and Paulyne have banged their heads together to give you a song-by-song review of the album.

Very catchy and has a hook that is instantly recognizable, but beware because it also makes you go around shouting “Chains!” at everyone you meet which makes you seem a bit insane. This is the type of song that pulls you in and thereon forward is stuck in your head from the moment that you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep again. In other words, Chains a very strong song to put as the first track on the album. Furthermore, the right choice for the first single of the album.

One word to describe the song: Attention-getting
Colour of the song: Bronze

Don’t Go
A personal favourite with a fantastic beat, an unbelievably catchy chorus and great live. The title says it all in this song as they declare ‘don’t go’, but in the case of the Robots, these fiesty girls do it in a way that says ‘don’t go, but listen to what I have to say first’. You will no doubt be humming this all day in your morning commute.

Word: Kooky
Colour: Feisty Rouge

Happiness vs Sadness
The title track is a song that makes you want to take action, to do something unexpected and to get freaky! There is an urgency in the melody that drives the song forward which matches the lyrics perfectly as it is about an emotional roller-coaster with its ups and downs. I would liken this tune to a petulant child that refuses to listen to you and just will not sit still.

Word: Hyperactive
Colour: Dark blue with streaks of neon blue.

Hey Watcha Say
This song takes RiD in quite a different direction and I have to say – I’m loving it! This funky 60’s esque song is nothing but a dance tune that needs to be blasted from the best speakers you have. This one stands out as being original more than anything – think Diana Ross on E. Then the girls show their true colours with a loud guitar jam to round the whole thing up. I’d say it’s Supreme.

Word: Groovy
Colour: Techincolour

Lady & The Flies
Turning on this song with its strong bass intro makes me envision someone on the floor crawling towards me. It has a sensual feeling to it and when the Robots go up in the higher register, just before the chorus, they manage to take the song to a different level. For me personally, that part adds a Middle Eastern kind of flare to Lady & The Flies.

Word: Slinky
Colour: Crimson

© Robots in Disguise

© Robots in Disguise

Lets Get Friendly
This is one that I’m sure has an interesting back-story. ‘I’ll jump out of a cake for your birthday’ – who doesn’t want that from a good friend! Whether this song is based on Sue and Dee’s relationship or it’s a public advertisement to make some new friends after their over 10 year relationship, it’s still a fun song no matter what. You can imagine bouncing along to this on a road trip with a chum.

Word: Bouncy
Colour: Bubblegum Pink

is a song that’s just pointing a massive finger at all tabloids that post made-up BS all day long. With an undercurrent of anger, Lies shouts what many of us think every time we see another ridiculous headline in the news-stands. A true liberation song for all the pent up frustrations we carry around with us in the modern world. Coincidentally, released in perfect timing in regards to the News of the World scandal!

Word: Catty
Colour: Scarlet

Sink In The Dirt
A song that takes me back to Voodoo times, with a strong bassline but at the same time one that makes you want to listen intently to what they have to say. One that deserves you to stand up to attention and become entranced in it’s catchiness and perfect message about life’s hardships and thinking positive. RiD goes deep!

Colour: Maroon

The Robot girls use this song apologizing for… not being into someone. It is an unapologetic guilt trip where the insincerity wins out as “Fingers crossed behind my back” is repeated over and over again. Sorry is as fitting when it comes to apologizing for all the white lies we tell everyday as when it comes down to bigger lies that catch up with you.

Word: Boldfaced
Colour: Light grey (or rather tainted white!)

I’m a Winner
A cacophony of sounds and words – perfect for the end of the album as they’re known to play out with a bang! This playful, loud tune has one simple and obvious message. Don’t mess with the Robots and realise that they are quite brilliant – what more is there to say.

Word: W.I.N.N.E.R
Colour: Whatever the Robots want it to be.

All in all, Happiness vs Sadness gives a more grown up impression than the previous Robots in Disguise albums. As the title suggests, there is a struggle between the positive and negative when it comes to the melodies and the actual lyrics. While some songs deal with negative subjects, they are disguised in a colourful way which on one hand brings an added depth to the album but on the other hand can be found distracting. The album is a mixture of songs laced with anger and some which are simply joyous celebrations, making it versatile and gives it modern edge.

With catchy songs like Chains and I’m a Winner, fans of the Robots will not be disappointed with this fourth album.

If you want to hear these new tracks live, the Robots are currently on tour so take a look and see if they are playing anywhere near you.

Anyone who have had a chance to listen to the album and have a favourite track (or several!), why not tell us about it and make sure to write why it’s your favourite by emailing us at

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