Horrid Henry Is On His Way!

Horrid Henry The Movie, which stars Noel Fielding as pop singer Ed Banger, is lined up for its UK release on 29th July.

© Vertigo Films

© Vertigo Films

A regional premiere of the film will be held at the Ultimate Picture Palace (UPP) in Oxford on Wednesday, 27th July, two days before its general release. As well as providing an opportunity to see the film early, the screening includes a Q&A with screenwriter Lucinda Whiteley and a couple of unnamed special guests. Please note that we don’t have any information about who the guests are.

The special screenings on 27th July will take place at 2pm and 5pm, with two Q&A sessions between showings. Tickets cost £12 or £8 for concessions and are available from the cinema or from the charity’s shops in the area. The event will raise money for East Oxford hospice charity Helen & Douglas House. To read more about these preview screenings click here.

6 Comments on Horrid Henry Is On His Way!

  1. Can’t wait! Something me and the little sis have been waiting to come out for a while now

    (Can I just say: Best picture ever!)


  2. when can us aussies see it?


  3. I have never been to Oxford before. Fielding looks good as Ed Banger. I see he’s been rading the transvestite’s wardrobe again, and the makeup bag. The precocious male peacock. I love it when he does that!


    • You’ve never been to Oxford, Susan?? Good lord, woman! Recommended.

      And Laura, I’m afraid I’ve been unable to find out about an Aussie release date, but as soon as we hear anything we’ll let you know.


  4. Emma Stevenson // July 16, 2011 at 10:49 am // Reply

    I really hope Noel will do something there as i live quite close to Oxford and that would be pretty epic. Noel siuts that character so well, used to watch the cartoons when i was a bit younger, although it’s not for me now, i’ve turned Boosh!


  5. I hope you realise there’s not a cure for that Emma! Turning Boosh that is………….!!!


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