Not Later

© Tiger Aspect / BBC

The latest BBC Comedy web exclusive packs more TVO names into its three minutes than you can shake a small, nasal pianist at.

Featuring Tom Meeten as Jools Holland, as he leads us through a variety of silly-named artists featuring on his show this week, eagle eyed viewers will spot James Bachman, Shelly Longworth, Alice Lowe, Steve Oram, Waen Shepherd (and his partner Katy Derby) amongst those raiding the dressing up box.

You can see the clip exclusively on the BBC Comedy website.  Due to licence-free related limitations, the clip may not be available worldwide, and our website software doesn’t like to try and embed it, sadly… but the clip is just one click away, so check it out!

Keep your eyes peeled at the BBC Comedy YouTube channel, because this, and previous video from the BBC Nought gang, Question Time After Party, may yet turn up there…

2 Comments on Not Later

  1. I’ve never yet seen anyone do an impersonation of Jools Holland, so was intrigued to say the least. Made me smile! So definitely doing something right!


  2. I think he’s captured the ‘essence of Holland’ as opposed to a literal impersonation of the man!


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