The Headset Set

As well as working on his new show Inferno, Colin Hoult has also found time to write and perform in a new radio comedy show on BBC Radio 4!

© Idil Sukan / Draw HQ

© Idil Sukan / Draw HQ

The Headset Set is a sketch show set in the world of call centres. Broadcast on Thursday evenings at 11pm, the first episode is available here until Thursday, so you can hear the series from the start.

Details of previews of Inferno can be found here and a new one has just been announced on Thursday 21st July at Wilton’s Music Hall.

Edit: Colin has just tweeted he will be performing his song Boogieman on What’s so Funny? with Rufus Hound, on Friday at 10am (repeated at 11pm and on iplayer) on Radio 4 Extra.

Edit2: link to What’s so Funny? on iplayer.

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