Happiness v Sadness (Preorder v don’t!)

© Robots in Disguise

© Robots in Disguise

It’s been a bit of a wait and scramble whilst Robots In Disguise polish off their fourth album Happiness vs Sadness, after all of you helped fund it by pledging your hearts out.

Now the wait is over as it is available to be pre-ordered at our very own Amazon Store for the lowest (and maybe slightly odd) price of £8.93.
The artwork [right] has been revealed and now all that’s left is for you to order and patiently wait at your doorstep for July 11th to come around.

Along with that you can also hear a few sneaky teasers of the album over at Cargo Records’ website to find that Dee Plume and Sue Denim still remain to have that bright neon spark.
While you wait you can have a listen to Sue & Dee talk about the new album on The Other Woman!

Remember as well that if you’re in the East London area, you can catch Plume’s alter ego Psycho Delia later this week for a classic electro night out!

1 Comment on Happiness v Sadness (Preorder v don’t!)

  1. Loving the sound of “Sink in the Dirt” – some very tasty riffs in there (not that I am any sort of muso!) reminscent of early punk with a nice modern twist in there! Hope you have success with your album girls!


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