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You may remember not too long ago, Camden Town was flooded with comics for the first ever Comedy Crawl. You could weave in and out of the wide selection of pubs and bars Camden has to offer to see your favourite comedians, maybe even discover the next big thing and of course, enjoy a chilled pint during that sunny weekend.

TVO were of course there to poke our heads in and hunt down Rich Fulcher and Colin Hoult who were there representing the Booshdom during that time and giving all they’ve got on the stages.

Not only that, we were also armed with a camera and mic and ready to corner any comics that crossed our path!

Now, after the long wait and delay, we can finally share with you our Crawl experience. There were highs and lows, some successes and some people slipped out of our grasped during the hunt, but we managed it and you can take a peek right here and also at our new Youtube Channel to see it all!

Here you can take a look at our chat with Colin Hoult, Tiffany Stevenson who compères Paul Foot’s regular venue and second home, The Old Rope and you can also take a glimpse of Arnab Chanda who often works closely with Dan Clark behind the scenes along with many other amazing talents!

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