Submarine Stirs The States

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If the positive buzz around Julian Barratt in Government Inspector wasn’t enough, other Booshniverse ‘solo projects’ continue to impress – with Richard Ayoade‘s Submarine garnering largely positive press in the US.

Having opened to tremendous critical claim in the UK earlier this year, some of us wondered how the movie would translate for US audiences. The answer is mostly well, with the odd note of reservation.

Legendary critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gives the film a thumbs up, saying “it doesn’t try too hard to be desperately clever. It’s a self-confident work for the first-time director, Richard Ayoade, whose purpose I think is to capture that delicate moment in some adolescent lives when idealism and trust lead to tentative experiments.” He commends the cast too, saying of the film’s leads, “because Craig Roberts and Yasmin Paige are enormously likable in their roles, they win our sympathy.”

The Washington Times is likewise full of praise, describing Submarine as “a brand of cinematic innocence and simplicity that is one of the film’s enduring pleasures.”  The Seattle Times is mostly positive, saying of Ayoade “there’s a lot to admire about his comic touch and certainty with actors. Already a man to watch on the small screen, Ayoade looks like a possible contender as a feature filmmaker.” describes Submarine as a film of two halves, the first half being “incredibly clever, smart, and engaging”, with a slightly disappointing second half.  That said, the reviewer sums up by saying “Submarine may not be a perfect film but it’s the kind of debut that could convince you that its director has one in him.”  Likewise DCist tempers its praise slightly, stating “There’s an emotional core to this film, buried under all the layers of artifice, which peeks out in pleasing ways.”

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  1. I also, completely by surprise, came upon an article about Richard Ayoade and “Submarine” in my copy of The Washington Post this weekend!


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