Heading To Edinburgh

The full line-up for The Edinburgh Festival 2011 has been announced, and amongst the hundreds of shows on offer are a handful of TVO big-guns.

Rich Fulcher, Colin Hoult and Paul Foot have full-length runs for the duration of the Festival, whilst Dan Clark will be making a special appearance for three nights only.  Details of when and where their shows will be are below.

Rich Fulcher: Tiny Acts Of Rebellion

Rich Fulcher demonstrates how to stick it to the Man.  In this day and age, it’s very difficult to topple dictators or even smoke a parking meter.  But through a series of videos, audience experiments and petrified yogurt cups, Rich shows us how we can fight the madness simply by being ourselves.  As he explains, “we may not be able to overthrow governments, but we can flip off our waiter behind the menu.”

Note: this show is not for people who look like buried jars or llama jerky.

Rich Fulcher will perform in The Billard Room at The Gilded Balloon Teviot at 20:30 from August 3rd til 14th and August 16th til 28th.
August 3rd + August 4th: Tickets £7  
August 5th, August 8th-11th, August 16th-18th, August 22nd-25th: Tickets £11 (£9 con.)  
August 6th + August 7th, August 12th-14th, August 19th-21st, August 26th-28th: Tickets £12 (£11 con.)

Colin Hoult’s Inferno

Highly original, groundbreaking character comedian Colin Hoult follows his hugely successful shows Carnival of Monsters and Enemy of the World with… Inferno.  An exploration of heroism and madness with unforgettable characters, joyous audience interaction and though-provoking comedy.  You will be immersed in a world of wonder and wickedness following the Hero’s Path to where other shows fear to tread.  Prepare for an eic theatrical comedy event unlike anything else on the Fringe.

Colin Hoult will perform in Pleasance Two at The Pleasance Courtard at 19:05 from August 3rd til 15th and August 17th til 29th.
August 3rd-5th: Tickets £5  
August 8th-11th, August 15th, August 17th-18th, August 22nd-25th, August 29th: Tickets £12 (£10.50 con.)  
August 6th-7th, August 12th-14th, August 19th-21st, August 26th-28th: Tickets £14 (£12.50 con.)

Paul Foot: Still Life

The walls of Baron Ryan Carter’s castle have ears and a rudimentary mouth, which whispers of the 23 comments of old that changed the world, now in the hands and voice box of Mr Paul Foot.

Paul Foot will perform at The Underbelly, Cowgate at 19:40 from August 4th til 15th and August 17th til 28th.
August 4th + August 5th: Tickets £6  
August 15th + August 22nd: Tickets £6.50 (£6 con.)
August 6th-7th, August 10th-11th, August 17th-18th, August 23rd-25th: Tickets £10 (£9.50 con.)  
August 8th-9th, August 12th-14th, August 19th-21st, August 26th-28th: Tickets £11 (£10.50 con.)

Dan Clark: 3 Nights Only

Best known as star and creator of BBC3’s hit sitcom HOT NOT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE and Johnny Two Hats from THE MIGHTY BOOSH, Clark returns to the Fringe for the first time in 4 years, bringing his unique brand of comedy and hilarious songs. 3 nights only!

Dan Clark will perform in Pleasance One at Pleasance Courtyard at 21:50 from August 5th til 7th.
August 5th: Tickets £6 
August 6th: Tickets £12 (£10 con.)  
August 7th: Tickets £14.50 (£12.50 con.)

Tickets for all shows at the festival go on sale tomorrow at 9am.  The entire range of shows on offer is available to browse online right now.

TVO would also like to take this opportunity to go a little off-topic and recommend some other shows from the Edinburgh line-up to any budding peelers planning on travelling up to the ‘Burgh.  Some of these have strong TVO links, having worked with our regulars on several occasions – so please allow us this indulgence and a chance to highlight some great shows you won’t want to miss!

Phill Jupitus

The Never Mind The Buzzcocks star returns to fully fledged stand-up at last. It’s been a long time coming, but you can catch Phill’s glorious show at The Stand Comedy Club daily at 20:25 from Aug 5th-28th [except Aug 22nd].

Phill also leads an improv group at the Gilded Baloon’s Debating Hall at 15:30 on Aug 5th-8th, Aug 10th-15th, Aug 17th-22nd, Aug 24th-25th & Aug 27th-28th.

Hot Tub With Kurt & Kristen

The duo behind last year’s excellent Penelope Princess Of Pets – which featured Julian Barratt & Simon Farnaby bring their regular New York variety show to Edinburgh. Flight Of The Conchords star Kristen Schaal & collaborator Kurt Braunohler host a magical evening of entertainment with surprise guests daily at 19:35 from Aug 12th-27th.

Braunohler also appears at the festival with his own show, The Amish Guide To F**king at Assembly Hall in Mound Place every day at 21:15 from Aug 4th-28th.

Matt Green: Too Much Information

A familiar face to peelers after his appearances as the Chef’s assistant in Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Matt Green has been a regular on the live circuit for some time, and his latest show won the Best New Show catagory at the Leicester Comedy Festival earlier this yaer. Green performs every day except August 15th, 22nd & 29th at 20:30 upstairs at Pleasance Courtyard.

Late Night Gimp Fight

An act so brilliantly funny, we wish they’d work with TVO’s regulars more often so we could have a legitimate excuse to constantly be telling you how great they are. Winners of the 2011 Chortle Award, Late Night Gimp Fight’s brand new sketch show sees the gang create a glorious late night show at 22:30 throughout the entire festival [except August 20th] Above the Pleasance Courtyard.

Isy Suttie: Pearl And Dave

The star of Peep Show and regular Colin Hoult collaborator will be performing above the Pleasance Courtyard throughout the entire festival [except Aug 15th] at 17:00 daily.

Richard Herring: What Is Love Anyway?

The legendary comic who brought us the likes of Christ On A Bike and Hilter Moustache as well as 90s cult classics Fist Of Fun and This Morning With Richard Not Judy alongside Stewart Lee, returns with his latest hour of inspired standup, in which he seeks to define and destroy love before love destroys him! Herring performs every day at the fesival from Aug 3rd-28th at the E4 Cow Barn in Udderbelly’s Plasture.


Adam Buxton brings the BFI’s smash-hit show to Edinburgh’s final week. Showcasing hilarious music videos and random odds & sods in the way only Adam can, this show-and-tell promises to be a fun way to round off an evening. It runs Beyond the Pleasance Coutyard at 22:30 from Aug 25th-29th.


Blink and you’ll miss ’em – because Abandoman are appearing for two nights only. The comedic hip-hop duo, who are masters of improv rap, have wowed audiences at Fulchfest and appeared with a variety of TVO favourites on Dick & Dom’s Funny Business – as well as gaining their own strong cult following. The pair appear for the final weekend of the festival on Friday 26th & Saturday 27th only at 21:45 at Pleasance Two, Pleasance Courtyard.


An up & coming young duo who recently appeared at Hot Brew’s first Forgery Club gathering. With shades of those wonderful curtain-convos in the Boosh, Max Dickins & Mark Smith’s sketch parings are starting to garner a lot of attention, so this could well be one to watch. You can catch them from Aug 4th-14th and Aug 16th-28th at 21:30 in the Iron Belly of Underbelly, Cowgate.

Robin And Partridge: World’s Collide

Friends of TVO [having met Charlie Partridge waiting for Eleanor The Tour Whore at last year’s festival, fact fans!], Robin & Partridge are regular Edinburgh attendees and their cult London club nights have embraced Jackal Films previously. As heard on BBC 6, this folk-punk show collides film, politics and nonsense throughout the festival [except August 10th & 17th] at 22:45 in The Attic at Pleasance Courtyard.

Tom Price: Say When

Perhaps best known as PC Andy in immensely popular Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, Price is also a popular stand-up on the London circuit, and appeared alongside Matt Berry in BBC3 sketch-show The Wrong Door. His debut Edinburgh show, directed by Lizzie Roper, plays every day of the festival except August 16th & 29th at 21:45 in the Cellar of Pleasance Courtyard.

Rich Hall

What can be said about Rich Hall that hasn’t been said already? The legendary comic has been making us curl up into balls of hysterics for years, and if you haven’t yet warmed to his charms, you’re a damn fool. Rich will be performing his new stand-up show at Pleasance Grand in Pleasance Courtyard every day of the festival except August 15th & 29th at 21:40.

Hall will also be appearing on each of the same dates at the Pleasance Grand from 23:15 for 90 minutes of Rich Hall’s Hoedown – a late-night mashup of music, comedy and gratuitous coloration. The night promises shit-hot special guests and a floor reeking of liquour and spent dreams.

Glenn Wool: No Man’s Land

A powerhouse of adrenaline fuelled stand-up, Glenn Wool tours the world so often he’s had no need for a permanent abode for the past three years. Straight up stand-up comedy from a master of the craft, Wool’s show is on every day of the Festival [except Aug 15th] at 21:30 in Assembley George Square.

Tickets for all shows & the full program will be available from edfringe.com tomorrow morning.

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