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The latest Rich Fulcher Newsletter is out, and it’s overflowing with exciting Fulcher features!

For those of you who follow Rich on Twitter or Facebook, the meaning of the mysterious countdown tweets has been revealed, he is counting down the days until tickets for his Edinburgh show are on sale, so set your alarms for 8am on Friday (10th June), and grab them while they’re hot!

Rich is gearing up for his Edinburgh Festival Fringe appearances with some preview shows, on 12th June and 2nd and 3rd of July. For more details click here. He’s also previewing the show as part of the Camden Roundhouse’s ‘Before The Fringe’ series on 30th June, alongside Sarah Pascoe -for tickets click here. The Edinburgh show is based on Tiny Acts of Rebellion – his hilarious book which is currently only £5.11 in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

As if that isn’t enough excitement, Rich also hinted that there is some ‘very big Snuff Box news’ coming soon, but he’s sworn to secrecy for now.

The film High Road in which Rich has a role as a transvestite Dad is looking for a distributor, so may be out at any time. Read more about it here, and if that’s still not enough  for you, the podcast Gone Riffin that he does with Abed Geith is still going strong on itunes.

Lucky American Peelers can also catch Rich on Adult Swim in Childrens Hospital and a brand new show called NTSF: SD: SUV::No, we don’t quite feel comfortable with that title either…

Wait there’s more! Rich is holding a caption competition to win a copy of  Tiny Acts, the best captions for the following two pictures win a prize! picture 1  picture 2

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