Government Inspector Shows Promise

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Julian Barratt‘s first foray into serious stage acting in the Government Inspector has just completed its preview run in Warwick. Reviews were a little mixed, describing it as an enjoyable production with great promise but which needs more work.

Phil King wrote in the Independent arts blog, “If this timing tightens up by the point it hits London and the actors find a sense of space that allows them the freedom to feel what they’re doing, then this show could be brilliant.”  To read the review in full click here.

A more positive spin is provided by local newspaper, The Leamington Spa Courier which said of the play, “Overall this was great fun, albeit slightly too long, with a good blend of hilarity and quite sinister moments and is definitely worth watching.” Of Julian’s performance they said, “He was every inch the Howard Moon character from Mighty Boosh, but also added some extra dimensions that the television show didn’t provide, proving his versatility on stage.”  To read this review in full click here.

The Government Inspector comes to the Young Vic in London on 3rd June and runs until July 9th.

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  1. I think I’d be mortally offended if some idiot in the audience with a mobile was faffing about during the performance too! It makes me so mad when people do it at West Yorkshire Playhouse despite announcements beforehand to shut the things off.


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