The Fun Police

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An intriguing new pilot is being filmed this weekend.

Entitled The Fun Police, it features the intriguing combination of bonkers comedy legend Vic Reeves and star of Flight of the Conchords and The Boat That Rocked,  Rhys Darby.  Also set to star in the pilot is Katy Wix – star of Not Going Out and several Jackal Films productions.  The show will also feature Jack Doolan (Cemetery Junction), Kerry Howard (Him & Her) and Clive Rowe (Tracey Beaker).

It is being made for Channel 4 by Ash Atalla’s Roughcut TV.  Atalla, of course, was the producer of The Office and was the executive producer on The IT Crowd, and is written by former Russell Brand collaborator Matt Morgan.

Following a small town Health & Safety Team, it looks set to be one to watch – and is set to air as part of Channel 4’s next season of Comedy Showcase.  As soon as we find out further details, we’ll keep you peeled.

2 Comments on The Fun Police

  1. How much more brilliance can one thing be associated with? Vic Reeves (legend), Rhys Darby, Katy Wix, Jack Doolan, Ash Atalla AND Matt Morgan….

    If it doesn’t turn out brilliant, somethings gone drastically wrong.


  2. I was at the filming of this, if you’d like to know more about it have a looki at my brief review:


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