Pros From Dover: Their Finest Hour

The Velvet Onion has learned of an intriguing showcase featuring the familiar faces that make up sketch troupe Pros From Dover next month at the Leicester Square Theatre.

© Pros From Dover 

The comedic trio features TVO’s very own Richard Glover (The Mighty Boosh, Lifespam, Wunderland etc) alongside a man with a ridiculously impressive cv – Phil Whelans.  Phil’s credits include appearances in Brasseye, and writing for shows as varied as Armstrong & Miller, The 11 O’Clock Show and The Basil Brush Show!  He’s also the bassist in Bill Bailey’s Beergut 100 band alongside Kevin Eldon & former Boosh guest-star Martin Treneman.  He’s also written for award winning radio shows, and has just been given his own Radio 4 series – and that’s just the start of his talents!

Rounding off the trio with relative newcomer Sean Garrett (replacing founder member & Boosh collaborator Neil Cole), Pros From Dover have hosted a regular club night at The Albany on Great Portland Street, which has featured a whole bevy of our favourite names, including Rich Fulcher, Steve Oram, Tom Meeten, Alice Lowe, James Bachman, Colin Hoult, Stephen Evans, Waen Shepherd, Adam Buxton and Katy Brand!  Quite simply – it’s a surprise we haven’t noticed them sooner!

Now they are to appear at the Leicester Square Theatre showcasing some of their finest material from their 2008 & 2010 Edinburgh shows on June 16th & 17th.  Critically acclaimed and a smash hit with audiences, these shows are guaranteed to be worth catching whilst you can.  Tickets are available now, priced just £8 (£6 concessions), via the Leicester Square box office.

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