No Fielding At Gala

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Channel 4’s Comedy Gala took place last night at the 02 Arena, with one noticeable absentee from the announced line-up: Noel Fielding.

Noel was initially announced as part of the show back in March, and various places around the internet still listed his involvement last week – including a noticeable Facebook promotion to win tickets.  Yet Fielding did not appear, leading to some very irate messages being bandied about Twitter from expectant fans!

TVO contacted Noel this morning, to find out what happened.  He had this to say:

“I couldn’t do it because I am rehearsing and filming my new tv show, Luxury Comedy, and am literally up to my neck in work!   I haven’t written any new stand-up for over a year, as all my ideas are going into this series, and you can’t just go on and wing it on a bill that big and at an event that important. 

I pulled out ages ago and there’s been a bit of a communication breakdown in letting everyone know! I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, and I’m really sorry if people are upset.”

We at TVO obviously understand how insanely busy Noel is right now, and we hope those who were annoyed by his absence can appreciate the rest of the bill, and the sheer importance of the cause at hand above all else.  The show will broadcast on Channel 4 on June 10th for all who missed it live, and if you enjoy it, we urge you to make a contribution to Great Ormond Street.

Naturally, we’re sure that once we can all see the fruits of his labour, with Luxury Comedy – which is set to feature Tom Meeten, Steve Oram and hopefully Paul Foot too – and the book Scribblings Of A Madcap Shambleton – which is available for preorder in the TVO Amazon Store now – it will all be worth the wait!  To read tantalising hints about the new show, check back with our exclusive interview.

10 Comments on No Fielding At Gala

  1. I cant see how people can blame Noel if he pulled out a while back. I was going to do the comp but when i clicked on the site to see who else was there Noels name was not on the list.
    Look forward to Noels new show, i think we forget sometimes how hard stars like Noel work for our pleasure, he is awesome 🙂


  2. Totally understand. I was at the Gala last night and although it was a surprise and a shame not to see Noel, it wasn’t his fault. Hopefully next year we might see him, and if not, Luxury Comedy is something AMAZING to look forward to!


  3. Tis a shame, but looking forward to the new show.


  4. I’m pleased that Noel’s focusing on making the projects that he’s working on brilliant and not trying to spread himself too thinly. Not all artists posess an internal sense of quality control like that!

    It’s a shame for the people who went along expecting to see him that he wasn’t there, but as he says he pulled out a while ago and it could have been communicated sooner. Plainly not his fault.


  5. best things come to those who wait, shame about the communcation breakdown x


  6. Emily Beech // May 25, 2011 at 3:14 pm // Reply

    SO FRGGIN’ EXCITEDxD Noel Fielding is God! Cannot wait for him new show:Dx


  7. Poor Noel, this is the second time there was a communication failure between him and gigs. Either he’s not getting through well enough or no one is listening to him! xo.


  8. To be honest that fills me with relief, ask i couldn’t go to the Gala! Can’t wait for the new show though! ROCK ON NOEL! xD


  9. What is going on with his hair in this pic, were has it gone! xx


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