Sorry I’ve Got No Head

A new series of Sorry I’ve Got No Head started last Friday on kids’ channel CBBC.



The show is written by, and stars, some familiar faces: Ealing Live’s James Bachman and Justin Edwards, Mongrels actor Tony Paul Way, How Not to Live Your Life‘s David Armand and character comedian Fergus Craig, who will soon be starring with Julian Barratt in Government Inspector. You may also recognise most of the rest of the cast from various other comedy shows.

Episode 1 features Colin and Malcolm, the airline trolley dollies who can’t stop eating from the trolley, and Tony who lives down the back of a sofa, and it can now be viewed on iPlayer. The remainder of the series will air on Fridays at 5pm on CBBC (repeated at 9am on Sundays and on iPlayer). The show may be on a children’s channel but don’t let that put you off – it’s very well put together with some real laugh-out-loud moments!

1 Comment on Sorry I’ve Got No Head

  1. Tony the sofa guy reminds me of the Crack Fox. Hahah 😀


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