Still Life…But Not As We Know It.

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Paul Foot has confirmed the name of his 2011 Edinburgh Fringe show: Still Life.

On his website, Foot explains that the title is intended to convey “the arduous, painstaking and ultimately pointless continuity of life itself”. However, he goes on to reassure fans that “the title has absolute no relevance to the jokes or disturbances that lie within it.” So we can rest easy.

When we interviewed Paul back in March he said of the new show: “I might do something more formal, more professional in a way, where I restrain the shambolic side of my personality. It will still be fresh, but it’ll have a different energy about it. My aim is to have as few words as possible, to really push it – I want to see if I can make people laugh properly for an hour  with the fewest number of words ever.” Why not catch one of his preview performances of Still Life during June and July to see if that’s what he’s ended up with? For more information about the gigs and to book tickets click here.

As yet there’s no mention of any involvement from Noel Fielding. We’re therefore assuming that Noel won’t be directing Paul’s Edinburgh show this time around.

On a completely different subject, if any UK-based Foot fans were hoping to catch him live during May, please be aware that he’ll now be in Australia 7th-23rd May. All UK shows during that period have therefore regrettably been cancelled. To find out more please visit his home page where information about refunds and ticket transfers is available.

1 Comment on Still Life…But Not As We Know It.

  1. Back in Aus??? That’s awesome! Saw him in melbs for the comedy fest, and i had tears streaming down my face. He’s so absurd.I love it. His “disturbance” regarding the possible modes of death of circus performers was a joyous moment.He also made us talk on an invisible phone.I can highly recommend attending one of his shows to those who haven’t already done so. A certain elasticity of humour and imagination are required, but that pretty much covers anyone who reads this blog regularly. He certainly has plenty of fans here Down Unda now!
    As much as i love the work of Mr. Fielding, His Footness can hold his own (cue dirty joke), and does NOT need to be directed by anyone!!! He should be left to roam free, like an epilptic flea on a plasticine dog, or a headless chicken in a miniature china shop. Freerange Foot, all the way.


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