The Forgotten Picture Show

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A brand new short featuring a host of TVO favourites has appeared online.

Last year we told you about an exciting new project entitled The Last Summer On Earth, written by and starring Steve Oram and Tom Meeten alongside Alice Lowe, Simon Farnaby, Tony Way, Waen Shepherd, Barunka O’Shaugnessy and Shelly Longworth and even more familiar faces too!

Now a pilot episode under a brand new name has been posted online by production company SoTelevision, and features an opening link delivered by none other than Julia Davis!

Davis appears as the editor of FilmFace Magazine, Bebe Löam – introducing a lost epic from director Mia Kaufman, which featuers the rest of our glorious gang.  It’s beautifully shot and very very funny, and well worth your attention.  Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve heard of the show, with this first episode acting as backdoor pilot and a tantilising “To Be Continued” slogan emblazoned across the climax of the clip.

You can catch the fifteen minute short film below, and TVO will endeavour to keep you posted on any future developments.

1 Comment on The Forgotten Picture Show

  1. It was great! Totally loved it. Some sensational dialogue in there. “I touched the front doors of the church” – laughed my arse off! There was definitely a touch of the Tennessee Williams about it. Think I spelt his name right! Look forward to the next installment!


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