The Many Faces Of Wunderland


Alice’s Wunderland is set to air this coming week, and here at TVO we wanted to give you a little teaser about what to expect.

The sketch show pilot is the brainchild of its star Alice Lowe, and there are a number of familiar faces from the wider world of Booshdom involved.

These include the ever reliable Antony Elvin – one half of Hot Brew, former Circulus percussionist, talented singer songwriter in his own right and one time guest star in The Mighty Boosh [“It’s a glowstick, you berk!”]  The folktastic pairing of Hot Brew – set to grace the stage at Popcorn Comedy in Birmingham this week – will be featuring in the show.

Also along for the ride is Clare Thomson, whom you may recognise from Alice’s last major sketch-show project, Beehive, as well as being one of Herman’s 1000 Wives in Lifespam and featuring in last year’s cult comedy short Dead Happy.

© Bruno Vincent

Two Jackal Films stars – Richard Glover [Pebbles] and Rachel Stubbings [Love Song] are also on board.  Glover’s varied cv has also included a guest appearing in The Mighty Boosh [in The Chokes episode] and appearing in Lifespam, whilst stand-up comic and actress Rachel Stubbings presented the Jackal Films night at the FD4W Film Festival last Autumn.

And that’s not all… as there are also performances from Olivier Award winning actress Marcia Warren, who appeared in Jam & Jerusalem with TVO’s very own Simon Farnaby, and the legendary Simon Greenall who has several Booshy links but is perhaps best known as both hapless Geordie Michael in I’m Alan Partridge and as being the voice of Alexander Orlov in the Compare The Meerkat adverts!

It’s safe to say then that this is an extremely talented cast, under the more than capable hands of one of the most gifted comic minds on the planet.  Promising a trip round Wunderland, “the Poundland of magical realms” – the pilot will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 11pm on Thursday 21st April.  It will be available on iPlayer for one week afterwards, and TVO hopes you’ll all tune in for what promises to be something pretty damn special indeed.

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