Own Moss’s Words And Roy’s Actions

© Prop Store

Our endless trawl across the deepest, darkest recesses of the Net to bring you Booshniverse goodies can sometimes uncover a real corker. If you’ve ever wanted to own a collectable part of The IT Crowd, that time is now!

Prop Store, a website for TV and movie-based memorabilia is offering IT Crowd scripts, paperwork and a good luck card for Chris O’Dowd. The collection relates to the Series 4 episode ‘The Final Countdown’, and includes a yellow edition of the script in shooting order, and as a second version of ‘Day 3’. There are two drafts of the rehearsal script which also includes a spreadsheet breaking down each scene and the requirements, such as location, character, copyright checks and a short synopsis.  The collection also includes a good luck card to Chris O’Dowd from director Richard Boden, writer Graham Linehan, and the team.

If this sounds like your type of thing (and you have £125 to spare…ouch!),why not visit the site here?

Prop Store also has a series of collectable items available for The Boat That Rocked here.

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