The Impact Of Kate Boosh


It seems that Queen Babushka herself was pretty impressed with Noel Fielding’s homage to her Wuthering Heights classic on Lets Dance for Comic Relief – as Fielding is to star in Kate Bush’s short film which will accompany the re-release of her single, ‘Deeper Understanding’ and her new album entitled ‘Directors Cut’!

Noel will be starring in this short directed by Kate herself along with Robbie Coltrane and Frances Barber. The single will be released officially tomorrow (Tuesday 5th April) and the album on the 16th May. The film is estimated to premier within the next couple of weeks.

For more info you can see the extract from the press release over here!

Also if you haven’t yet, you can still read up on TVO’s look back at the career of the mighty Kate Bush and for another reminisce of the performance that caught Ms Bush’s attention in the first place, you can have a watch below!

3 Comments on The Impact Of Kate Boosh

  1. Of course, it’s worth remembering that Frances Barber appeared in first series of The IT Crowd! It’s like Six Degrees sometimes… 😉


  2. Lucky Noel! It’s also been said that Kate always involved comedians she liked in her promo videos (e.g.Tim McInnerny in ‘This Woman’s Work’).


  3. It’s good to hear that Kate is doing something again! For “oldies” like me who were fans of her early work it was almost like she dropped off the face of the earth, which considering her unique creative talents was indeed a waste. Look forward to hearing and seeing her work!


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