Tap At The Window

© Chris Boyle

Tom Meeten, Alice Lowe, Gareth Tunley and Tony Way appear in a new sci-fi comedy short that’s appeared online today.

Entitled Tap At The Window, it was made by writer/director Chris Boyle and his team as part of Sci-Fi London’s 48 Hour Film Challenge at their 10th annual festival in London this weekend.  Boyle managed to persuade four TVO favourites to take part, and judging by their team name for the challenge, the short was seemingly made for just “Fifty Quid And A Twix”!

In it, Tony Way and Matt Edmonds voice two microscopic aliens plotting an invasion of Earth via a Lost Luggage department, staffed by lovelorn Colin [Tom Meeten] and the object of his affections, Gemma [Alice Lowe].  When Gemma is taken by the alien invaders, her brutish partner Andy [Gareth Tunley] appears to sort things out.

This fun little short can be seen on Chris Boyle’s official Vimeo account in all its full hd glory, and we can assure you its more than worth a watch!

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