Noble TV

© Kim Noble

Kim Noble is to unleash his own internet tv show this weekend.

Entitled I Am Live, the show will broadcast live at 9pm for three nights between Friday 25th March and Sunday 27th March as part of the Flatpack Festival in Birmingham which begins this week.

Visitors to the festival can visit The Dirty End (aka The Garage on Birmingham’s Heath Mill Lane) to see the streaming event, which is being brought to life in a unit of Zellig at the Custard Factory! Yes, we know this sounds utterly bonkers – but by tuning into the broadcasts I’m sure we’ll all find out a lot more.

You can catch the online webcasts at For more information, visit the Flatpack Festival Website.

Don’t forget, as we reported recently, Kim’s critically acclaimed, sell-out show Kim Noble Must Die will return to the Soho Theatre one final time next month, and tickets are available now.

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