A Volatile Release


The day all IAMX fans have been waiting for is here – their brand new album is officially out now.

Volatile Times is IAMX’s fourth studio album and is available to order as both CD and vinyl over at Boutique IAMX. If you want your copy immediately, you can instead download the album with lyrics and artwork.

Front-man Chris Corner has written a blog about the occasion in which he says he is “feeling somewhat sick in the knowledge that a piece of me is going out into the world to be analysed, criticised and loved.”

Make sure to show your support and love by getting new album and check out the video for the first single Ghosts of Utopia.

The IAMX site has all the information you need on tickets to the Fire and Whispers tour. All the currently available dates are listed below.

09.03.2011 Salzburg, Austria, Rockhouse

10.03.2011 Vienna, Austria, Gasometer

11.03.2011 Graz, Austria, Orpheum

17.03.2011 Apeldoorn, Netherlands, Gigant

18.03.2011 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, KulturFabrik

19.03.2011 Brussels, Belgium, Ancienne Belgique

24.03.2011 Malmö, Sweden, Babel

25.03.2011 Stockholm, Sweden, Nalen

26.03.2011 Helsinki, Finland, Nosturi

02.04.2011 Athens, Greece, Gagarin 205

07.04.2011 Paris, France, Le Divan du Monde

08.04.2011 Cologne, Germany, Essigfabrik

09.04.2011 Hamburg, Germany, Grünspan

14.04.2011 Berlin, Germany, Astra

16.04.2011 Warsaw, Poland, Stodola

19.04.2011 Munich, Germany, Backstage Halle

20.04.2011 Zurich, Switzerland, X-TRA

21.04.2011 Frankfurt, Germany, Das Bett

29.04.2011 Madrid, Spain, Sala Heineken

30.04.2011 Barcelona, Spain, Salamandra Sala1

05.05.2011 Istanbul, Turkey, Babylon

06.05.2011 Istanbul, Turkey, Babylon

20.05.2011 Budapest, Hungary, A38

28.05.2011 Lviv, Ukraine, Stare Misto Summer Festival

I must be falling out of the mainstream altogether. Only Doctor Who in that line-up interested me… 

2 Comments on A Volatile Release

  1. I’ve just received this. It’s a lovely thing – some very strong songs on there! Well done, Chris! IAMX fans won’t be disappointed, and I hope very much the UK music business now takes him seriously (like every other country in Europe does already!).

    If you are new to IAMX, I’d still say maybe start with “The Alternative” as an introduction to his style, but you’ll like “Volatile Times” as well.


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