The New Adventures Of Colin Hoult

Back in January we mentioned that Colin Hoult would be putting on a regular monthly themed night, New Adventures, at the Leicester Square Theatre in London; well now we can tell you what the first show holds!

© Colin Hoult

The first show takes place on Thursday 10th March at 8pm and promises a night of comedy, music, stories….and surprises!  It features guest acts alongside Hoult, including Isy Suttie (Dobby in Peep Show) and Thom Tuck and David Reed (Penny Dreadfuls). There’s also the promise of “a very special secret comedy wonderman, who must remain unnamed!”  Intriguing stuff!

For more information and to purchase tickets (including advice on how to get 20% off the ticket price by uttering the secret word…shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!) visit the Colin Hoult New Adventures facebook page.

1 Comment on The New Adventures Of Colin Hoult

  1. It certainly does sound intriguing. His characters are so well drawn and interpreted they totally draw you into his unique and bizarre world. I love it!


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