How To Let’s Dance: A Professional Perspective!

All of us at TVO Towers we were hugely impressed with Noel Fielding’s winsome performance of ‘Wuthering Heights’ on Saturday’s Let’s Dance…for Comic Relief. But what would a more discerning viewer make of it?  We asked Maggie Clunie, who’s been teaching dance for 26 years,  and her Year 11 dance class to assess Noel’s performance and offer some advice for how he might charm the judges in the final.  Here’s what they had to say:


I must say we really enjoyed watching both the original Kate Bush video and Noel’s recreation of it.  I showed both to my year 11 GCSE group, and we were all very impressed.  We liked his big Kate Bush eye moments to the camera – a definite winning look there!  He also managed to be very faithful to the original video. We were also impressed by how pretty he looked in his get-up.  Although that might sound trivial, presentation is very important in dance!

Here’s what we feel he could work on:  Firstly his ‘battement degage a la seconde’ (i.e. the balance on one leg with the other leg swinging to the side) would look better with a straight leg, and as I always say to my students, “Point your toes darling!”  He could also circle those hips a little more to get the judges on his side.  Overall, we reckon he could be a bit more feminine, which might sound a bit odd given that he’s a bloke in a dress, wig and full make-up!

Our final suggestion would be for him to do the arched back movement with one hand touching the floor, then pushing back to standing (like Kate Bush does in the second verse of the song in the ‘Falls through without you’ line). If he could do that he would definitely win!

So Noel, if you’re reading this there you have it: a professional thumbs-up plus your winning strategy! We, and Maggie and her GSCE class wish you the best of luck in the final on 12th March.

Red Nose Day itself takes place on March 18th. To find out more information on how you can take part, and to read about the incredible work the charity undertakes, please visit their official website.

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Maggie Clunie and her Year 11 class for taking the time to review Noel’s performance!

3 Comments on How To Let’s Dance: A Professional Perspective!

  1. Ha, this brought back memories! I remember when I was a little girl I used to do ballet and tap and this very camp man shouting at us when we were stood at the barre trying to do our plies. “Keep your derrieres in girls”! I didn’t know what a derriere o “gay” was in those days! And yes,you had to point your toes. I never did go on the blocks though! It looked too torturous and I remember one of the ladies telling me I would never really be a ballerina cos I was too tall and I wasn’t really good enough anyhow! I felt really sad! Ha, ha, those were the days. Those innocent days of dance classes and my pink satin ballet shoes and white tights!


  2. I loved how much Noel’s performance owed to the ‘red dress’ promo!


  3. Clarice-April // March 6, 2011 at 6:15 am // Reply

    Love it he is like a brandy snap


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