Wuthering Chart Heights!



Boosh fandom has gone into meltdown a little over last night’s sensational performance from Noel Fielding on Let’s Dance… for Comic Relief.

We at TVO are going to be getting behind Noel’s chances of winning the competition with a series of posts across the next two weeks around him, the song, the dance and Comic Relief as a whole.  Whilst we don’t want to lose sight of our real mandate of providing you top rate news from the Booshniverse, we nevertheless feel this is an incredibly worthy cause which can generate a huge amount of money for the charity, and in our own small way, we’d like to help in the Booshiest way possible!

The first idea we’ve had involves the song in question: Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush.  Kate sent a message of support to Noel on last night’s show, and is a great supporter of charities and of comedy, memorably appearing in episodes of seminal series The Comic Strip in the early 1990s.

What better way to publicly show your support for Noel than to buy Wuthering Heights this week from iTunes, Amazon, Play, HMV or any other online service?  The track will cost no more than 99p, and if enough of us download it, we could guarantee a chart placing next Sunday – meaning the song will be riding high in the charts when Noel returns for the grand final on March 12th.  For Kate Bush fans, this also provides a perfect opportunity to get this extremely talented singer back in the charts once more.

It’s a great song, by a great singer, supporting a great man doing a great thing for a great charity.  Have we said its great enough yet?  Join us!

The original single cover back in 1978!


Amazon UK: CLICK HERE [89p]
Play: CLICK HERE [89]
iTunes: CLICK HERE [Track 6, 99p]
HMV Digital: CLICK HERE [Track 6, 99p]
7 Digital: CLICK HERE [Track 6, £1.29]

Red Nose Day itself takes place on March 18th.   We’ll be posting further information over the coming weeks, but to find out more information on how YOU yourself can take part, as well as read more about all the incredible work the charity undertakes, please visit their official website via the link below.


14 Comments on Wuthering Chart Heights!

  1. Firstly, wasn’t Noel AMAZING!!! I must’ve rewatched it about 10 times on Youtube already and I will be downloading as soon as I get paid this week xD

    And, if perchance Noel might see this, I have one question…Will you marry me, I do love you so much and I can’t help but swoon when I see you dancing. You are a magical man who can look sexy, even as a woman 😉


  2. OMG this clip turned me into a 13 year old again. Wasn’t the cover amazing? And wasn’t she? I am going to download and fall in love with the track all over again. With you guys behind this project it is sure to do well!


  3. Rightfully downloaded. 🙂 Last night’s performance was fantastic. The boy did good. Very bloody good. Now it’s just a case of crossing our fingers and toes for the final. Well done, Noel. 🙂


  4. Ey, smart 🙂 Just followed your “orders” and downloaded the album. Wow, nostalgia… ❤

    I sometimes regret deleting my facebook account. I would have shared it like a ninja 😛 And even my headbanging Harley Davidson driving friends (…) would fall for it's beauty xD

    Naw, I'm gonna have Wuthering Heights as my ringtone *wee*


  5. thank u guys for the news and the video: here in Italy I don’t have way to see any British TV, so I need your post to keep me on news of Boosh and its members.


  6. ’tis number 3 on the itunes rock chart!


  7. What a brilliant idea! Noel for the win! 😀


  8. Wow is he is looking stunning. He makes a really charming woman.


  9. Brought the song! ^.^
    Was rooting noel the whole night Saturday, mum had to take away the phone because i kept calling in to vote for him!
    I think he done amazing, had me grinning the whole way through thats for sure!


  10. Even if you’re thinking ‘Oh but I like so have this song already’, just buy it again! Every DL helps and what a great way to show Fielding the extent of his support!



  11. If i’m not mistaking, if you like something on stumble, more users will come across a video when they stumble on different video sharing sites (like youtube.

    So for those with Stumble, LIKE IT! ;P hehe. Maybe it will spread wider… worth a try ey 😉


  12. Well done to Noel, and what a great reason to support Comic Relief!


  13. erdbeerfranzi // March 1, 2011 at 11:22 pm // Reply

    Just bought the song! This is gonna stick with me for some weeks now… Noel was just wonderful on Let’s Dance. Thanks also to you velveteers for doing all this…this means so much to me.

    Noel Fielding is definitely trending.


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