More Mongrels

Like many discerning comedy fan out there, we at TVO absolutely adored last year’s puppet-based satirical comedy Mongrels, and were pleased as punch to learn it had been commissioned for a second series.



Voice recordings commenced last week, and with the actual filming coming very, very soon, The Velvet Onion plans to keep up with progress on the show, which we rather foolishly neglected to cover last year.

If on first glance, it doesn’t appear to have much of a connection to the our universe, you’d be sorely mistaken to assume so.

The most obvious link is in the form of Tony Way, who plays the only human regular character, Gary.  Tony, of course, has been appearing in comedy classics for a very long time, but is perhaps best known in Boosh circles for his work on the recent Jackal Films and has frequently worked with Oram & Meeten.

Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that the various animals on the show are voiced by Ealing Live veterans Katy Brand and Lucy Montgomery, alongside comedians Rufus JonesDan Tetsell and the legendary Paul Kaye.

Above all else, though, its a seriously bloody funny show, and as one of the few comedy shows on the box right now that fits into the type of humour we regularly cover, we anxiously look forward to its forthcoming return.  TVO will hopefully be able to look back at the first series nearer to transmission of the second run, but in the meantime, the BBC’s official YouTube is awash with classic clips.

1 Comment on More Mongrels

  1. Eeep! How briliant! I love comedy that thinks outside the square.
    Does anyone remember “Meet The Feebles” by Peter Jackson?? It was a musical puppet show, but waaaay wrong (and thus, awesome). This reminds me a bit of that. I can highly recommend it to fans of Mongrels!!!


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