The Mighty Bush!



Noel Fielding is through to the final of Let’s Dance… for Comic Relief after a barnstorming performance as Kate Bush.

Noel’s version of the classic Wuthering Heights was up against some seriously tough competition from the likes of Lulu, Penny Smith, Andi Osho and Jarrad Christmas, as well as the winner of this heat, James Thornton & Charlie Baker’s version of Puttin’ On The Ritz.

Noel was pipped to the post by the tap-dancing duo in the public vote, but thankfully the judging panel consisting of Jack Whitehall, Keith Lemon and former Boosh radio series guest star Lee Mack were keen to get Noel into the final as well.

The final show takes place on March 12th, and we at TVO will do our very best to keep fighting the cause in aid of both Noel himself, and Comic Relief.

But enough of our yacking.  Noel’s performance says more than we ever could… so if you missed it on telly, you can see it right here now.

From all at The Velvet Onion – seriously bloody well done, Noel.  You hoped you’d do us proud, and you utterly astounded us. Fingers crossed!

Noel was also on The One Show to promote tonight’s appearance on Friday, hours after our own exclusive interview.

With extra special thanks to whichever member of the Tumblr Noel Fielding massive made this screengrab whilst we wait for hi-res shots from the BBC!

16 Comments on The Mighty Bush!

  1. Noel was absolutley wonderful tonight!! Hopefully someone will upload the entire show on youtube for us unlucky people who don’t live in the UK *fingers crossed*


  2. Well done Noel! Fantastic dancing and hilarious to boot!


  3. luv it!luv it!luv it!


  4. Noel was stunning! The funniest, bravest and most beautiful performance of the night, and probably the whole series!


  5. It was an aesthetic orgasm (!) am I allowed to use that term? LOL! Wow what a sexy hottie as a woman! In all seriousness I love “Wuthering Heights” – as a teenager I used to twirl around my bedroom pretending I was Kate Bush. She was trained by Lynsey Kemp, mime artist – random fact there! It still resonates with me today and takes me back to those heady, halycon, acne filled days of crippling insecurity and Jackie magazine! He gave some proper sultry stares and was very entertaining! Well done Noel!


  6. 😀

    I feel just a bit ridiculous for feeling so proud of someone who isn’t my offspring. We’ll seriously have to galvanise the voters for the final on 12th March! Go Noel!


  7. I have no words… Some of the other contestants were very good, but I agree with Tiddles, it was the bravest. So much expression, emotion… My contemporary dance teacher would love it.


  8. Where can I watch the full video with the judges response????
    In my country, we can not watch the i-pleyer


  9. Let me tell you a story…
    Because i am in australia this wasnt on until 5am,
    so from 11pm to 5am i was on the computer awake, obviously, and listened to this song non-stop on repeat for that period of time, not kidding.
    i had 3 coffees, and when i was time to watch it was glorious.
    when the winners were getting announced i had tears in my eyes from anticipation, and then he didnt get it and i thought that was it so some tears rolled away. then another place was announced, the anticipation tears came back, and when he got it, i proceeded to cry for two hours off an on as well as many other booshies.
    This is a high time in history!
    Blogging sites are a mass with .gifs and screencaps and i have so far been listening to wuthering heights for 13hrs straight and have watched Noel dance 10 times.

    This is my story. Judge me if you will.


  10. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I’m a massive Kate Bush fan, so this is insanlely brilliant to watch!!!! Not only that, but when i read the interview the other day i had this sudden thought of “Wuthering Heights”, because i had been drawing a really bad comic featuring inanimate objects dancing to this very song. I thought: “Wow, imagine Mr. Fielding doing his dance to that! That’d be crazycool.”
    5 neon stars, Noelikins!(And TVO of course!) Made my day!!!!


  11. No way! I called it! As soon as I read of the red dress rumors in TVO’s amazing interview, I knew. Do they preform the same routine in the finale? If so, I hope he’ll lip sync along with the song next time around. Not that it isn’t perfect already!


  12. I was simply blown away. His performance was breathtaking! And he’s so demure. He really did Kate proud. What an homage.


  13. You guys know there’s a link to this post on the BBC Let’s Dance webpage?

    Great work as always Velvet Onioners! x


  14. Taliah Lamont // March 5, 2011 at 7:27 pm // Reply

    He is the only one who has the pazzazz and fans to win 😀 The rest suck.


  15. wow you noel have yet again proven yourself to be ace at just about everything!! love you and boosh for life!! x


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