Friday Night Dinner

© Avalon / Pete Dadds

© Avalon / Pete Dadds

Matthew Holness has made a rare television appearance in a brand new sitcom for Channel 4.

Friday Night Dinner is the brainchild of Robert Popper, who you may have seen in Look Around You, or more recently in Jackal Film’s Celeberama!.

The show stars Tamsin Greig, Paul Ritter, Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal as the Goodman family, and Mark Heap as their neighbour Jim.

The first episode, shown last night, featured the Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace (and one-time Bob Fossil) star Matthew’s tremendous guest appearance which took TVO somewhat by surprise!  In it, Holness plays a man called Chris Parker, who has come to buy a sofa-bed from the family but receives some disastrous news and some somewhat dubious beverages.

It’s always a joy to see one of the quieter but no less important members of Booshdom on our screens, so if, like most of us, you missed the first episode it is available on 4OD now.  Now about that Darkplace movie, Channel 4…

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