Paper People

© Sally Grosart

Back in December, we pointed you towards paper models of Rich Fulcher which you could print off and make yourself.

Their creator, Sally Grosart, got in touch with us a couple of weeks ago to point us towards the rest of her collection, which includes a number of faces from the Booshniverse as well as various other characters from television and film.

Alongside Bob Fossil and Eleanor the Tour Whore, you can get your own versions of Vince Noir and Howard Moon from The Mighty Boosh, and Steven Turnbull & Bunny from Bunny And The Bull.  There are even models of Richard Ayoade and characters from his debut film Submarine already! With Sally’s blog also featuring pics of Naboo The Enigma and Dan Clark models, hopefully we’ve not seen the last of her Booshniverse creations!

Keep your eye on her progress via her blog, and download a few of your own via Flickr.

8 Comments on Paper People

  1. Just realised the patterns are not there for the Mighty boosh people. I will put them on the blog this evening. Any Ideas for some other ones?


  2. Love these! Feeling like we’re missing a Bollo.


  3. Yes, i’d love to see a Bollo! My kidly LOVES Bollo. She named one of her toy cars after him and everything. I’d love to print out a little paper Bollo for her! Maybe i missed it? I’ll go have another lookie.


  4. I had printed off and made the older Vince and Howard designs, i’ll print these newer one’s off and make them to, cos I love em.
    I think an Old Gregg one whould be cool, or Rudy and Spider.


  5. Oh yes, good ideas everyone! I will definitely try. Never made an ape before!


  6. I’d imagine that Bollo would work quite well, shape-wise. He is quite cuboid!


  7. These are so lovely. I printed out The IT Crowd ones and Bob Fossil, but I have yet to make them. I know when I do I will spend a lot of time goofing around with them. 🙂


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