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With numerous stars of the Booshniverse appearing on CBBC right now via Dick And Dom’s Funny Business, we’re pleased to learn that there will be more Booshy goings on with the finest in children’s television in the Autumn!

Simon FarnabyTony WayTom MeetenSteve Oram and Jackal Films collaborator Richard Glover are amongst those making appearances in Dick And Dom’s Funny Business (episodes of which are available on iPlayer till mid April), with Oram & Meeten’s ska-tinged child-friendly rewrite of the classic In The Woods sketch a particular highlight!  It seems the next generation of comedy lovers will have a great head start in knowing just who’s worth giggling at…

And that’s not all… the BBC Press Office has announced that a gameshow spin-off to smash-hit children’s educational comedy Horrible Histories is coming to the CBBC channel later this year.

Entitled Gory Games!, TVO’s very own Simon Farnaby, who frequently appears in the current run of Horrible Histories, is listed as a regular cast member.  The show will be presented by comic actor Dave Lamb, and feature all of the usual Horrible Histories team.  In the show, young competitors will answer quiz questions before progressing to a physical game relating to an era of history, in the hope of winning Year Spheres.  Sounds like fun!

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