We gave you a chance to win this and more!

Last week, we at TVO offered you the chance to win some Boosh goodies as part of our birthday celebrations.  All we asked you to do was come up with an alternate name for the site.

And boy, did you deliver.  We received absolutely bucketloads of entries, including a whopping 216 different suggestions.  Clearly the only way to even begin to decide which is the best fairly, and squarely, is via a public poll.

Then we hit a snag.  Public polling websites exist by the bucketload, but they ain’t cheap if you want more than a handful of responses – and lets face it… you’re all going to want to vote, and get all your friends to vote, and your aunties and your cousins and your pets.

As a result, we’ve hit upon a ingenious solution… and we’re utilising our forum to give you all the chance to vote fairly for your favourites.

Simply CLICK HERE to be taken to The Velvet Onion forum, where you will find a special section set up with 9 polls – each containing 24 entries to our competition.  Register your account for free, and then vote for your favourites in each poll.  The winners will be put into a Grand Finale next week, with the winners receiving some lovely shiny Boosh and TVO stuff to play with.

Whilst you’re there, feel free to have a look around the forum, which we are in the slow process of relaunching, and say hi to anyone else who pops by.  The TVO team will be posting some exclusive material (and maybe more competitions) further down the line on the forum, and if you’d like to write a piece for submission onto the main site, the forum is the place to do it – we will read it, and if its well done, we will be happy to post it here for the world to see in all its detail!  And considering most of our subjects are avid TVO readers, your favourite members of Booshdom could very well be reading your words in no time at all…

1 Comment on WIN BOOSH STUFF! Part 2!

  1. Polly Hamilton // February 7, 2011 at 8:33 pm // Reply

    Fabulous idea!


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