February 2011

Behind The Bush: Let’s Dance Live!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ll have seen at least some of this week’s Let’s Dance…for Comic Relief, which saw Noel Fielding channeling Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights.  If you’ve  wondered what goes on during the recording of the show, wonder no [...]

February 28, 2011 // 11 Comments

More Mongrels

Like many discerning comedy fan out there, we at TVO absolutely adored last year’s puppet-based satirical comedy Mongrels, and were pleased as punch to learn it had been commissioned for a second series. Voice recordings commenced last week, and with the actual filming coming very, very soon, [...]

February 27, 2011 // 1 Comment

Wuthering Chart Heights!

Boosh fandom has gone into meltdown a little over last night’s sensational performance from Noel Fielding on Let’s Dance… for Comic Relief. We at TVO are going to be getting behind Noel’s chances of winning the competition with a series of posts across the next two weeks [...]

February 27, 2011 // 15 Comments

Alice’s Wunderland

Alice Lowe is set to make a pilot episode for BBC Radio 4 this Spring. The show, entitled Alice’s Wunderland, will air on April 23rd at 11:30pm. Ms Lowe is currently in the midst of getting the show off the ground, but promised us more news soon – hopefully including a couple of guest [...]

February 26, 2011 // 0 Comments

The Mighty Bush!

Noel Fielding is through to the final of Let’s Dance… for Comic Relief after a barnstorming performance as Kate Bush. Noel’s version of the classic Wuthering Heights was up against some seriously tough competition from the likes of Lulu, Penny Smith, Andi Osho and Jarrad [...]

February 26, 2011 // 17 Comments

Friday Night Dinner

Matthew Holness has made a rare television appearance in a brand new sitcom for Channel 4. Friday Night Dinner is the brainchild of Robert Popper, who you may have seen in Look Around You, or more recently in Jackal Film’s Celeberama!. The show stars Tamsin Greig, Paul Ritter, Simon Bird and [...]

February 26, 2011 // 0 Comments

I Am Utopia

The new music video for IAMX‘s “Ghosts of Utopia” has premiered! As many of you already know, IAMX is releasing a new album on March 18th. The coming album will be called “Volatile Times” and “Ghosts of Utopia” is the first single of the album. The video [...]

February 24, 2011 // 9 Comments

Boosh Stuff Won!

To celebrate our first birthday last month, we gave you the chance to win a haul of Boosh swag, and all you had to do was nominate an alternative name for this very website. Peelers sent in their suggestions by the bucketload – so many in fact, that we had to have a forum vote to narrow it [...]

February 24, 2011 // 5 Comments

Electroman: Not An Electrothief!

The Velvet Onion has been alerted by many of our peelers to the new single from cyborg-voiced singer T-Pain, in collaboration with Italian producer Benny Banassi. Why is this relevant, we hear you ask?  Well, the song is called Electroman… and main hook throughout the song sounds more than a [...]

February 21, 2011 // 0 Comments

Fulcher Takes The Highroad

Rich Fulcher will be appearing in Highroad, a movie directed by actor Matt Walsh, which is due for a 2011 release. The film is an improvised comedy which “follows a part-time weed dealer who goes on the run with a 16-year-old smartass after a drug deal goes bad”, according to the [...]

February 17, 2011 // 1 Comment

Peeder Jigson – Hobbits In Space?

The third  installment of the Peeder Jigson Video Diaries is now online. We mentioned the second part of the documentary series, chronicling the making of The Hobbit last month. Directed by Gareth Tunley (director of The Mainstage and recent Jackal guest star), this third installment sees [...]

February 17, 2011 // 2 Comments

King Of The Aunts

  Paul King, director of The Mighty Boosh, Bunny & The Bull, and more recently Come Fly With me is lined up to direct a new project, an adaptation of Eva Ibbotson’s children’s adventure story, Island of The Aunts. The book opens with the infamous line, “Kidnapping [...]

February 17, 2011 // 0 Comments

Relentlessly Physical Witchazel

Matt Berry‘s latest album, Witchazel finally gets a physical release early next month. Matt is releasing CD and Vinyl versions of the concept album on 7th March via the Acid Jazz label, and will follow it up with a live London date in April. Witchazel was originally available as a free [...]

February 17, 2011 // 2 Comments

Paper People

Back in December, we pointed you towards paper models of Rich Fulcher which you could print off and make yourself. Their creator, Sally Grosart, got in touch with us a couple of weeks ago to point us towards the rest of her collection, which includes a number of faces from the Booshniverse as well [...]

February 16, 2011 // 8 Comments

Win Boosh Stuff! The Final!

You voted in your drones… Peelers united by a common cause: to try and win some free Boosh stuff! Now at last, after we whittled down your entries to our competition, can we offer you, dear readers, a chance to pick the overall winner from 20 finalists. And there were some great entries that [...]

February 15, 2011 // 187 Comments

Chris Morris: Officially Outstanding!

Chris Morris came home with a well deserved BAFTA Award for his movie directorial debut Four Lions last night. The creator of Nathan Barley and star of The IT Crowd (as well as seminal non-Booshy but still utterly vital cult classics The Day Today, Brass Eye and Jam) was awarded the Outstanding [...]

February 14, 2011 // 2 Comments

Playing With Love Games

The Mighty Boosh is as well known for its inspired music interludes as much it is for its out-there comedy and distinctive visual style.   One of the best-loved Boosh songs has to be ‘Love Games’, a track so brilliantly funky/daft/original surely it can’t be bettered? Well [...]

February 13, 2011 // 1 Comment

Diva Zappa, The Wool Faerie

Last month Noel Fielding’s art show Bryan Ferry versus the Jellyfox finished its run at Maison Bertaux.  This month the innovative gallery in the patisserie kicks off its new exhibition, Diva Zappa’s Bruce. Knitted fabrics have replaced Fielding’s vibrant canvases, while his [...]

February 12, 2011 // 4 Comments