The Velvet Onion Is One!

Dishing Out The Booshniverse Since January 31st 2010

Today is a special day for The Velvet Onion… and whilst we’re all madcrazybusy working on forthcoming TVO articles and our own hectic lives, our editor in chief found a few minutes to put together a little something to say to all of you out there…

Three-hundred and twenty-four thousand, eighty-eight hits.

That’s the count on our site stats as I write this, just past midnight on what is now, officially, our first birthday.  The Velvet Onion has now been servicing fans of the Booshniverse for a whole twelve months, with an average of 27,000 individual hits per month coming to see what we do.  Quite simply, this success was never, ever expected.

What started out as a little side-project to keep a recently unemployed comedy fan busy and positive as he plugged his favourite funny things to people he knew, has spiralled into a site that has subscriptions worldwide, has interviewed a huge chunk of the main stars of Booshdom, seen countless exciting projects come, go, and come back again for some more, and has given that now employed comedy fan a whole new lease of life and a fresh career break.  Above all else, its seen him pull together a team of confidants he’d trust his life with, and whom are more than willing to do whatever they can for the ‘greater good’ of just getting the stuff that makes us laugh out there to you all.

We never expected this huge response from both our readers, and our subjects – most of whom are now proud, badge-wearing TVO supporters, keeping us relatively in-the-loop so we can work with them to get their art to the people who appreciate it the most: YOU.  Thank you to each and every one of our subjects, contributors and our readers over the last 12 months for a glorious year, and here’s to new and exciting projects on the horizon for us all.

Happy birthday!

13 Comments on The Velvet Onion Is One!

  1. Congrats! I love TVO, I read every post. Keep up the amazing work!


  2. Happy Birthday TVO! Thanks for keeping all of us booshies informed! ❤


  3. Yeah! Happy Birthday to TVO!!


  4. Happy Birthday! ¡Felíz Cumpleaños! Hapizzle Birthdizzle! I think i covered all the languages there. I’m always having sneaky reads, even when i’m too lazy to comment.Thanks for providing we comedy nuts with lots of interesting info to chew on 🙂 Keep up all the good work, Onion People !!!


  5. Happy birthday to you TVO. Loving this page since I “found” it several month ago when I became a Boosh fan after watching the IT crowd and trying to find out more about the fabulous goth.
    Without you I would never have had the joy of seeing him live last year. Thanks for sharing all the fun and the informations about so many talented and wonderful comedians, actors, musicians, writers and directors. Keep up your magnificent work Onioners.


  6. Jools Obsidian // January 31, 2011 at 8:13 am // Reply

    We love ‘The Velvet Onion’!!! Congratulations on providing such a great service to admirers of the Mighty Boosh.


  7. Happy Birthday TVO!! This is the best Boosh fan site on the web! Keep it up with the amazing work.


  8. Thank you for the very kind birthday wishes! I’d also like to wish TVO a happy one too, as an avid reader of it when I’m not posting on it. Didy has said everything I feel far more eloquently than I ever could (so I won’t try), but THANK YOU. Without our lovely peelers and the artists we cover we wouldn’t be. xxx


  9. First and foremost, happy birthday TVO! Secondly, I’m so happy and proud to be part of this but I need to express my love for all the readers and supporters. Without you – we’d be like a headless chicken! xx


  10. Happy Birthday Velvet Onion! Desparate Boosh fans like us need our daily portion of Booshiverse which you serve so well!


  11. Happy 1st Birthday. Another desperate boosh fan thanks you.


  12. All the best, guys! My sister and I love this place, it’s genuinely warm and respectful, and it captures that spirit of community that Boosh conveys, which drew me into their comedy universe in the first place. You’re all friendly and soft and… multi-layered, and in short – we like it here, we’re staying, it’s comfy! Kudos from Serbia (yes, indeed:)


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