Submarine Floats At Sundance



Richard Ayoade‘s directorial debut Submarine continues to score with the critics.

The film is showing at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in Utah, currently in its second week, and the response so far has been extremely positive!  In his review, writer David Chen describes Submarine as possessing “The quirk of ‘Juno,’ the whimsy of Gondry, the light-heartedness of Wes Anderson, the melancholy of ’500 Days of Summer’.”  Not a bad set of references.  To read the review in full visit SlashFilm’s website.

The New York Post has also given the film a thumbs up, calling it “A virtually perfect comic fable of gonzo love and premature genius”, while critic Todd Brown writing for the website Twitch goes even further, saying “This is sharp, assured work and well deserving of all the love we can heap upon it. Practically perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

To see for yourself if the film can possibly live up to its hype, catch it at Sundance.

1 Comment on Submarine Floats At Sundance

  1. Hooray for Richard Ayoade! I keep reading and hearing great things about this film.From what i can gather, it sounds like a fascinating plot.It sounds like it’s infused with some dark humour, too. I REALLY want to watch it! Hopefully we will get to see it here in Oz soon.


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