Concrete Trampoline

© Mason Phillips

Legendary Boosh starting venue The Hen & Chickens is to host a new play featuring TVO regular Waen Shepherd.

Concrete Trampoline is a comedy about life, death and panic attacks, where the totally hopeless meet the utterly hapless in a budget hotel room.  It promises to feature two delusional failures, a middle management King Canute, a botched drug deal and no penguins!

The play is written and directed by Mason Phillips, and Waen – whom you may recognise from the likes of Golf War and the latest Jackal Film – stars alongside James Wren, Louie Bayliss and Mark Lyminster.

It runs for just three nights next week – Thursday 13th through to Saturday 15th, so get in whilst you can!

Tickets can be booked online via Ticketweb for only £8, and any tickets not sold in advance will be available, cash only, thirty minutes before show time at the venue’s box office.

1 Comment on Concrete Trampoline

  1. Is this play about me Paul? Some it sounds frighteningly familiar! It sounds seriously good I must try and get down there! Plus, I have never visited the Hen and Chickens (the birthplace of the Boosh, in theatrical terms of course) and would love to just go and have a bit of look round!


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