This Christmastime

An all-star cast has assembled to provide the final Jackal Film of 2010.

© Jackal Films

© Jackal Films

Mooted to be a long-lost Christmas single from 1983, the short, directed as ever by Jacqueline Wright, sees the return of Alice Lowe‘s Toyah-parody Val Hallah, alongside Waen Shepherd‘s very own Gary Le Strange.

They are joined by the mighty Rich Fulcher, the sumptuous Antony Elvin, the glorious Tony Paul Way, the magnificent Shelley Longworth and the wonderful Gareth Tunley who together voice an important message we all need to remember during the festive season.

1 Comment on This Christmastime

  1. I thought it was impossible for me to love these guys any more than I already did. I was wrong.


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