Peeder Jigson’s The Hobbit

As many of you may be aware, next year sees filming commence on Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, with an all-star cast and a mega-millions budget.

© James Bachman

© James Bachman

Not to be outdone, director Peeder Jigson, who looks suspiciously like James Bachman, has commenced the production of his own version of the classic yarn, and roped in Gareth Tunley to create his own making-of documentary around proceedings.

Tunley is one of those faces you’ll recognise, but not quite know where from, having appeared in all manner of tv, radio, film and theatre productions over the years.  Booshniverse fans should recognise him from sketch series The Wrong Door, Steve Oram‘s surreal Lincoln Films and music show spoof pilot The Mainstage (starring Alice Lowe & Rich Fulcher, and also directed by Tunley).

He’s also appearing alongside Noel Fielding in the (hopefully) soon to be released zombie comedy I Spit On Your Rave, and will be appearing in the all-star December Jackal Film in the next few days.  Definitely one to keep an eye on then… and you can see more of his work on his blog and website.

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  1. ill never forget his cute face hehe love his video and tweets xox


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