The post-Christmas sales have officially begun, and there are some bargains to be had if it’s Boosh swag you’re after.

The Velvet Onion Amazon Store is, naturally, no stranger to reductions, with the latest Boosh dvd, Journey Of The Childmen: The Mighty Boosh On Tour leading the way at only £6.99!

Meanwhile, the recording of the show itself, Future Sailors Live sees reductions on all three formats – with the limited edition down to £16.99, the special edition down to £10.99 and the one-disc bare bones release only £3.99!

And if its the tv series you’re after, either to fill the gaps in your collection or as last minute pressies for new fans, you can pick all of them up for under £4 each, or buy the box set for less than £16.

Sales don’t end there, either, with Bunny And The Bull down to £4.49 [or £5.99 on blu-ray], The IT Crowd 1-4 boxset only £23.74, Snuffbox a measly £4.49 and both Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and its sequel Man To Man With Dean Learner only £5.49 a piece.

All of these and much much more are available in our store now, and as a tiny tiny tiny tiny amount goes back into helping this place stay open, we’d love it if you make us your preferred Amazon retailer.  Pop on down now, where Neville Bamshoot has been roped in to help pack your goods.

4 Comments on TOPSHOP!

  1. Does the velvet onion amazon store ship to the usa? I have aar dvd player that will play region 2 dvds but amhaving a hard time finding places that will ship to the usa help!


  2. Angie – our store is run by, who state they can deliver to the USA as long as customs are ok with it.

    For more info visit their help page –


  3. you guys are great! thanks for the help!!


  4. I just ordered a DVD through the TVO amazon store site and it automatically links straight into your usual login and payment details, so no need to type everything in again. Clever stuff! Not sure it would link to though, if that’s your usual one.


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