A Fairytale Of Fulchfest

Regular Fulchfest performer Brett Domino has recorded a cover of A Fairytale In New York in aid of breast cancer.

© Brett Domino

© Brett Domino

The comedian and musician, whose real name is Rob Madin, has appeared in the house band for all three previous Fulchfest shows alongside Rich Fulcher and a whole bevvy of TVO acts.

He recently scored a top 30 UK Chart hit with his song about I’m A Celebrity contestant Gillian McKeith, and his famous fans include none other than Lady GaGa and Justin Timberlake!

The single, featuring RnB single Alexa Goddard, is a cover of the classic festive tune by The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl, who coincidentally was tragically killed in a boating accident ten years ago today.

All profits from the release are being donated to Breast Cancer Care, so if you’d like to help the cause, remember a musical legend and enjoy a fun cover of a timeless tune, you can download the single right now from iTunes and all other good download services.

1 Comment on A Fairytale Of Fulchfest

  1. I have a (slightly odd) soft spot for Brett Domino because he comes from Chesterfield. A welcome inclusion in Fulchfest, and his Justin Timberlake cover is superb!


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