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Julian Barratt and Julia Davis have taken the time to speak to Sky about their short films which are being shown on Sky1 HD this Christmas.

© Sky

© Sky

As we reported earlier, this time Barratt and Davis have stepped behind the camera as well as in front of it to direct and star in their short films which are being shown as part of the ‘Little Crackers’ season.  Barratt reveals that his film, entitled ‘Satan’s Hoof’, is about growing up in Leeds in the 80’s and his dream of being in a heavy metal band.  Where Satan fits in to this, we have yet to find out! In the exclusive interview, Barratt talks about his love of music and how comedy fits into this.  There is also a mention of his dream being fulfilled by playing guitar in the Boosh band during the Future Sailors tour.

Not only is Barratt interviewed, but his partner Julia Davis also talks to Sky1 about her directorial début, entitled ‘First Kiss’. Topics discussed include how she gets her inspiration for writing and the odd feeling of playing her own mother in the short which looks back to when she had her first kiss at the tender age of 14. Friend of the Boosh Kevin Eldon, who starred as Julia’s husband in Nighty Night, can also be seen in the film playing the role of Julia’s father.

The interviews can be found on the Sky1 website.  Click here to read what Julian has to say and here to read Julia’s contribution and if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, you can also read an interview with star of The IT Crowd Chris O’Dowd about his short film by clicking here.

The ‘Little Crackers’ season begins on Sky1 HD on the 19th December, with Barratt’s film being shown on the 20th December at 9pm.  At present, we do not have the dates for Julia or Chris’ films, but will update you as soon as we have more information.

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