The Musical Styling’s Of James Cook

It seems that the Booshniverse is ever expanding, always with new or old talent to discover. Another gentleman who The Velvet Onion has yet to mention until now is James Cook a.k.a Nemo!

© James Cook

© James Cook

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Cook, he was the Front man and writer for Indie-electro band Nemo (think of a RiD/IAMX hybrid in spats).  Now residing in Berlin and about to release his debut solo album – and after witnessing a rare London gig of his whilst he was in town – it’s about time that TVO shared the magic that is James Cook with our fair readers.

If you’re wondering how he fits into the Booshdom, you can spot James in several Boosh episodes, including him being blued-up as a Nomad in The Fountain of Youth (he is also involved in the audio-commentary debate about who wrote ‘I Love The Chosen One’).

Cook largely collaborates with IAMX‘s very own Chris Corner and Nemo’s 2007 single Car Crash Eyes also features the lovely Alice Lowe in their music video.

If we’ve opened your ears to new level of musical talent and you want to know more, pop along to Cook’s official website where you can order any of his current 4 albums and also pre-order his new release ‘Arts & Sciences’.

1 Comment on The Musical Styling’s Of James Cook

  1. I cannot stress how amazing Mr. Cook is!.. Ever since his London gig last week, I haven’t been able to stop listening to his music.


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