Countdown To The Big Boosh Weekend!

© Mog / The Velvet Onion

© Mog / The Velvet Onion

It’s almost time for the double-pronged Booshdom attack on North London this Saturday night, with The Boosh Band supporting Dweezil Zappa at Camden Roundhouse, and Rich Fulcher leading a bevy of TVO favourites at a special edition of Fulchfest at The Cow & Gate, Kentish Town.

We’ve been in touch with Dave Brown, who will be appearing at the former event alongside Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt and the rest of the Boosh Band {possibly including Mike Fielding} – to try and find out a little more about the event.  According to Brown, the band will enter rehearsals later this week for their support slot – which he is keen to stress may not be quite what some news reports would have you believe: “We’re doing our own stuff: probably just a few of the usual… with maybe a little Zappa business somewhere in there.  We’ll see what we come up with in rehearsal.”

The Roundhouse will be filming all of the shows which form part of their Frank Zappa 70th Birthday Celebrations and transmitting them live on their website – meaning those of you who can’t make it to the show should be able to experience the gig as it happens, from the comfort of your living room!  Satellite channel Sky Arts are also filming a documentary on the festival, which promises exclusive behind-the-scenes access, which is planned for broadcast in December.  More news on that as we hear it, and we aim to bring you exclusive feedback on the event from the Boosh themselves early next week.

© Mog / The Velvet Onion

© Mog / The Velvet Onion

Meanwhile over in Kentish Town, there’s a rival Boosh event taking place if prog rock isn’t really your thing.  The second ever Fulchfest has accumulated some of the finest names in Booshdom to tickle your funny bones till you puke.  As well as Rich himself, the night will also feature TVO favourite (and Zimbani co-creator Colin Hoult), performing some of his acclaimed character comedy, as featured in the smash hit Edinburgh Festival show Enemy Of The World.

The TVO connections don’t stop there, with long-term member of Booshdom Tom Meeten set to appear, and the delightful musical duo Hot Brew (comprising of Oona & Crispin Wheatflake, who look suspiciously like Alice Lowe & Antony Elvin to us!) also on the bill with their own special muesli of sound & music. Factor in sets from Irish improv hip-hop trio Abandonman, sketch comic Lizzie Daykin, wry double act The Sunday Defensive, music from The Brett Domino Trio and Rich’s own houseband Luke Warm Jizz and his regular sketch helpers The Rich Fulcher Players, and you’re in for a corking night.

Tickets for both events are still available – with Boosh Band + Dweezil Zappa tickets for sale on The Roundhouse Website, and Fulchfest tickets via The Fix Website.  The Velvet Onion team will be out in its entirety for the first time in order to give both events maximum coverage – and we’ll be bringing you the full reports this time next week.  If you’re attending either event and would like to add your own perspective, don’t forget we have our own forum in which to air your views, arrange meetups with other fans and just chat about whatever comes to mind, and we may even feature the best reports on the site itself! See you there!

3 Comments on Countdown To The Big Boosh Weekend!

  1. According to Dave’s twitter, the Boosh Band are performing for approx 20 mins on Saturday. To say I’m looking forward to it is an understatement!


  2. Did Rich perform with the Boosh Band as well?
    Otherwise, who was Underwater Steve?


    • He did indeed! He seemed to have given himself to the band and then sprint across Camden to Fulchfest! Keep your eyes peeled as the reviews for both shows will be coming sooooon!


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