The latest Jackal Film from Alice Lowe and Jacqueline Wright is now online.

© Jackal Films

© Jackal Films

No month is complete without a short from the duo, and their latest, Brethren, is a Halloween special co-starring Sharon Horgan [Pulling, Monkey Dust and the voice of Lifespam!] and Steven Evans [Nighty NightHyperdrive and frequent collaborator of Colin Hoult].  In it, a flame haired Alice is warned of the dangers she’ll face if she keeps killing wasps, with suitably weird consequences.

It’s clear all involved had fun making this one – and what better way to start your Halloween festivities than with a slice of comic-horror from one of the Darkplace team? You can view Brethren below, and see previous Jackal Films on their YouTube Channel and website.

1 Comment on Brethren

  1. The devil in a blue dress kissing you that doesn’t sound too bad! Interesting little movie!


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