Fresh Fieldings

Chortle are reporting that Channel 4 have confirmed Noel Fielding is to make a new show for them as part of a fresh boost for comedy output on the channel.

© Tom Broadbent

© Tom Broadbent

Noel has been talking up his new tv project for some time, and its been known to be for Channel 4 for so long we at TVO had almost taken it for granted not everyone was aware of it!

Talking to TVO representatives in July during his trip to Montreal, Noel commented that the show would be half-animated and be a collaboration with Nigel Coan, who was responsible for much of The Mighty Boosh‘s unique look.

“I think I’m going to call it Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy. Hopefully it’ll be quite psychedelic but visually it will be really dense, like a really luxurious aesthetically pleasing sort of dense, rich, psychedelic comedy show.  Hopefully it will be amazing.  I’m not quite sure, but [Serge from Kasabian] might get involved with this TV thing.”

As well as reaffirming the knowledge that The IT Crowd will return for a fifth series, the station’s head of comedy, Shane Allen, stated that Noel’s current provisional title is Boopus… and we here at TVO will try to find out more from the pointy one as soon as we can.

2 Comments on Fresh Fieldings

  1. It sounds fab! I’ve read this morning that Channel 4 have said about Noel, “He’s a brilliant, inventive, comedic whirlwind of madness. It’s like a kids’ programme meets Spike Milligan. Him doing loads of rich characters that are part live action, part animation, and are all from Noel’s amazing head. He’s at the height of his powers and you have just got to let him get on with it and come up with something that’s unlike anything on telly.” It’s rare for a broadcaster to let a comedian have such free rein, so I can’t wait!

    It’s important too that Nogel Coan’s contribution gets noted too, as this is a genuine collaboration.


  2. BooshGirl4life // January 4, 2011 at 6:40 pm // Reply

    has there been a date set yet for the show?


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