Canvassing Savagely

A trailer for Tim Hope‘s short film The Savage Canvas has appeared online, weeks ahead of its dvd premiere.

© Tim Hope

© Tim Hope

The short, which stars Julian Barratt and Stephen Evans is set to appear as an extra feature on the long awaited dvd release of Oly Ralfe‘s Future Sailors tour documentary: Journey Of The Childmen.

Having first reported on the short back in March, we’ve been eagerly awaiting a chance to see the latest collaboration between Hope & Barratt, who previously worked together on cult web series The Pod and created the baffling visuals of The Mighty Boosh episode Eels together.

Because we’re nice like that, you can see the trailer below:

Journey Of The Childmen, the critically acclaimed documentary filmed around the epic 90+ date Mighty Boosh tour of 2008/2009, is released on dvd on November 15th.  Featuring the music of Antony Elvin, the dvd will also feature further short films, footage from the Glasgow Film Festival and a teaser trailer for The Wonderful World Of Death.  You can pre-order the dvd now from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

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