The Art Of Fielding

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© Getty

Today marks the start of the ‘Art of Giving’ Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London, which runs for 2 days, until 9th October.  This show features works from a diverse and wide ranging group of contemporary artists, including Gavin Turk, Terry O’Neil and the infamous Banksy.

All work has been donated for a charity auction, so if you have some spare cash you can bid for the pieces in the show –  all for a good cause!

The reason we’re covering this on TVO is because Noel Fielding’s ‘Jellyfox’ video installation is one of the exhibits.

For anyone who’s visited his art show at Maison Bertaux, this is the darkly beautiful, crinkly animated piece that ususally inhabits the patisserie’s basement room.  It features visual and musical input from Nigel Coan and Serge Pizzorno respectively.

At last night’s opening it was generating a lot of interest from the assembled guests; visitors we spoke to were very positive, describing it as “Amazing and scary – loved it!”, “Psychadelically Surreal”, and our favourite comment, “A cross between ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and an Umbongo advert”.

Noel’s family seemed pretty chuffed to see his artistic output exhibited in such a prestigious gallery space, with his Mum admitting to having a proud parent moment!

If you fancy having a proud fan moment you can see Noel’s installation today and tomorrow as part of the Art of Giving charity show (in Gallery 3).

© Mog / The Velvet Onion

© Mog / The Velvet Onion

2 Comments on The Art Of Fielding

  1. My um-bongo comment has been immortalised! Was lovely meeting you all last night – and i loved the jelly fox.. will be trotting off to the gallery on Greek street to see Bryan Ferry vs. the jelly fox shortly. Loving the website! Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Chris. It was lovely chatting to you as well – thank you for not being too weirded out by us asking you lots of questions! But then how could we stay away when you had a friend called Electra?? Enjoy Maison Bertaux x


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