Jack Vs Jedward

© Jack Dee

© Jack Dee

Pre-publicity for the forthcoming series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks featuring Noel Fielding as regular team captain once more may have come a little earlier than anticipated.

You see, UK tabloid The Sun has been picking up on reports from this week’s taping in which guest host Jack Dee laid into baffling reality tv pop-stars Jedward with such vigour, the paper claims, that the show is going to have to be ‘carefully edited’ to prevent accusations of bullying.  

Still, after their version of Under Pressure, who can blame him?

Of course, as with all tabloid fodder, its worth taking this one with a pinch of salt – but it will surely put the forthcoming run in good stead, and ensure that, as ever, no series of Buzzcocks goes by without some form of mini-scandal.

Jack Dee is one of several guest hosts lined up for the forthcoming series, alongside the likes of Tim Minchin, Catherine Tate and Mark Ronson amongst others.

And for those of you who are already dreading Jedward’s appearance on the show, that edition will also feature comedian Ealing Live’s Katy Brand (pictured with Noel & the Twins of Questionability), comic turned novelist Charlie Higson and new pop sensation Eliza Doolittle.

We’ll be bringing you more details on the series closer to its start date – October 21st.

7 Comments on Jack Vs Jedward

  1. BooshGirl4Life // September 30, 2010 at 6:58 pm // Reply

    It’s no wonder Noel don;t look happy having to put up with them two tits, the show has to be carefully edited? why the hell them two have to be on there i don’t know they have no talent what so ever. the only reason am gonna be watching that episode is because Noel is the team captain and i can’t wait for him to take the piss out of them both there so thick they won’t even notice.


  2. OMG. Poor Noel and Katy. I love how both Noel and Katy are in the exact same exasperated pose. I bet there was much eye-rolling between them after this pic and throughout the taping.


  3. I’m sure I’ve read that Noel rather likes them – I think he’s met them before. Whether he still does, who knows!


  4. They have a talent for self promotion which seems to be the most important thing in the bloated and vaccuous cult of celebrity. No genuine talent, but I guess they are fun! And in the world of entertainment that has to be a pre-requisite? Candy floss culture for the Heat Generation! But a little controversy is always interesting and publications like the “Sun” allways feed of this sort of thing! Love Jack Dee – he just speaks his mind and to hell with the consequences! Buzzcocks should be fun!




  6. I saw it being filmed the week before with the Catherine Tate presenting, absolutley brilliant, havent laughed so much in ages. Noel is fantastic, great timeing and so funny. Looking formard to seeing the whole series, not a Jedward fan myself, but im sure it will be very entertaining.


  7. I love Noel and Katy’s identical expressions – and I can’t help but think I would be sharing it.

    … when your hair is taller than your head, it’s time for a trim. 😐


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