A Delve Into The Submarine

If you don’t know already, Richard Ayoade of IT Crowd fame, has directed his debut feature film, Submarine.

© Warp Films

© Warp Films

With plenty of previous experience behind the camera (he’s been credited as script editor on several Mighty Boosh episodes, directed Kasabian’s amazingly bizarre video for ‘Vlad the Impaler’ starring Noel Fielding, and directed a selection of Arctic Monkeys’ music videos plus also their Live DVD ‘At the Apollo’ which bagged him NME’s Best DVD award in 2008!).  With all that under his belt it appears that Ayoade has a natural directing talent, and we’re itching to see his new feature!

The film is due to premier at the Toronto Film Festival tomorrow and we at TVO wish him the best of luck!  As Richard gets ready to step onto the red carpet, here’s a little word from the production team at Warp Films (also producers of Four Lions and Bunny and the Bull). Mark Herbert, Mary Burke and Andy Stebbing caught up with Screen Daily to talk about what attracted them to the film and how they came to work with Ayoade.

To read the full interview you can head over here, and keep peeling for more Submarine-based news as it comes our way!

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